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Safety First
Safety Solutions

IXL puts safety above all else. 

IXL enforces a zero-tolerance policy in failure to adhere to the most strict of safety regulations. 

All drivers are required to be:

In addition each driver must submit monthly logs for audit and evaluation by a local outside safety consultant. This is done to assure compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) and IXL Policy and Procedures for Safety and Customer Service. 

All log records are checked and verified for accuracy and scored accordingly with the resulting score being tied to an IXL monthly Safety Reward Program.

IXL Team Membership also requires that all drivers including Owner/Operators meet age and experience requirements.  (The IXL Transportation Safety Plan is available from IXL Corporate Office)

Accordingly, all team members receive background checks, are road tested and have driving records reviewed and evaluated prior to performing safety sensitive functions as required by IXL Policy and Procedure in conjunction with  FMCSR's.

Each month owner/operators and drivers receive the IXL Monthly Log Audit Newsletter along with a year to date statistical analysis of their own performance in relationship to the averages of the team performances.   Pertinent information is also communicated to the team.


“Safety is an everyday effort.”

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IXL's published record speaks for itself.