IXL Transportation Services
Dedicated to Safety and Customer Service,
One Job at a Time.



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* Corporate Profile:
* Robert Cox: 
* Tracy Cox:
* Randy McKinley: 
   General Manager
* Paul Uitto: 
* Terry Christner:
   Plant Operations
* Dawn Burns:
   Office Manager
* Eileen Hodges:


* Propane/Butane
* Liquid Natural Gas
* Safety First
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IXL Safety Solutions:

* Log Book Audits
* Safety Compliance
* Accident Investigation
   & Reconstruction
* Training
* Expert Witness
* Safety Consultation

* Safety Services
Outside Contractors:

* Mike Sullivan:
   Safety Consultant

PO Box 210
Molalla, OR 97038

Phone: 503.829.5065
Fax: 503.829.5472


Mission Statement

IXL Transportation Services' mission is to provide quality service by stressing safety, commitment and success for our customers, our employees and our community. We will accomplish continual improvement through education and ethical business practices with an aim toward creating and maintaining long-term business partnerships.

IXL will remain a leader in independent product transportation through superior service, performance and price competitiveness. We will know the current status of every shipment and provide that information to our customers. We will anticipate the needs of our customers by identifying new services and technology that they will need and advising them of those services and technology.

IXL will communicate with our customers on a regular basis to assure their satisfaction with our service. We will continue to expand existing relationships with our current customers while cultivating new customers.

IXL will identify our costs for services and attempt to balance those costs with the needs of our customers and our continued need for profitability. It is the goal of IXL to provide safe, accurate, legal, on time, efficient product delivery for our customers. We need the cooperation of all members of the IXL team to accomplish this.

Vision Statement

IXL requires that all of its team members adhere to the following guidelines when interacting with our customers and the public in general.