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The IXL Driving Team
Truck 55

Both Owner/Operators and Company Drivers comprise IXL's Driving Team. They hail from seven states, and you may see them driving in thirty-seven states and several Canadian Provinces. In each of these areas, one might see them pulling a load of Propane, Liquid Natural Gas or Butane.

With more than 250 years of combined professional driving experience, all are dedicated to Safety and Customer service, one job, one load at a time. Their safety record speaks for itself and may be viewed at FMCSA.DOT.gov.

IXL is equally dedicated in its training program for the drivers. We have an annual meeting to discuss safety issues, the latest federal regulations and other issues pertinent to safety and customer service. Since we are spread out, we also use this time to visit and reacquaint ourselves with each other.

We also communicate through a monthly team newsletter. In the newsletter we share the latest happenings within the company, current safety matters and a bit of general knowledge. The drivers' monthly log audit scores are included in the newsletter as a way of letting them know how they are doing as individuals and as a team.

New drivers are trained in DOT safety related issues by Mike Sullivan, our outside consultant for safety. Those on the management team cover all other issues related to paperwork. Our goal for each driver is good customer service from the very first load.

IXL is pleased with the team of professional drivers it has been able to put in place. With their continued dedication to "Safety and Customer Service one job at a time" we look forward to meeting the needs of our customers.