IXL Transportation Services
Dedicated to Safety and Customer Service,
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* Robert Cox: 
* Tracy Cox:
* Randy McKinley: 
   General Manager
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* Terry Christner:
   Plant Operations
* Dawn Burns:
   Office Manager
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* Liquid Natural Gas
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IXL Safety Solutions:

* Log Book Audits
* Safety Compliance
* Accident Investigation
   & Reconstruction
* Training
* Expert Witness
* Safety Consultation

* Safety Services
Outside Contractors:

* Mike Sullivan:
   Safety Consultant

PO Box 210
Molalla, OR 97038

Phone: 503.829.5065
Fax: 503.829.5472


Corporate Profile

IXL Propane, Inc. dba. IXL Transportation Services is a licensed corporation in the State of Oregon.  The assumed business name describes the continuing expansion of Transportation Services provided by the company.   

The company started operations as IXL Propane, Inc. in 1991 with one power unit and trailer to transport Liquid Petroleum Gas for its parent company, Don Cox Propane.

Today IXL continues to grow in the transportation of propane and liquid natural gas in both the USA and Canada.

IXL's Corporate Office located in Molalla, Oregon houses offices for:

  • Corporate Administration 

  • Customer Sales and Services

  • Accounts Management Office (All paper work is electronically transmitted to IXL Corporate.)

  • Transportation Management Services (Including full Human Resource & Driver Qualification Functions.)

  • IXL East and West Dispatch

  • Safety Management and Incentive Program Management

  • Safety Solutions - Risk Management, Loss Prevention, etc. (See IXL Safety Solutions Section)

  • Computer Technology & Electronic Information Solutions & Services.

IXL attributes its success to:

  • Dedication to its Mission Statement

  • Professionally dedicated team members

  • Competent Owner/Operators and Company Drivers

  • Conscientious and Courteous Corporate Administrators  

  •  Professional Team Members

  • The best possible on-time, safety-first customer service. 

IXL's documented Safety Record speaks for itself and is available On-Line from the U.S. Department of Transportation as an objective demonstration of IXL's commitment to doing nothing short of the best possible.