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Welcome to IXL Transportation Services!

    IXL always strives to provide state-of-the-art transportation services because we know that in today's world :

  • Transportation is more than pickup and delivery

  • Full transportation services require specialized services as listed below

  • Service delivered in this Information Age is equal to or may supersede the traditional industrial aspects of the transportation industry. (For example meeting FMSCR: requirements for the safety of customer as well as driver; implementation of risk management strategies; systematic monitoring of marketing trends; additional customer services, etc.)


    IXL has deliberately chosen to build on our established niche of Liquid Petroleum Transportation. We currently have authority to transport in 27 states and 3 Canadian Providences. In addition, we have elected to diversify our resources to build a unified team of professional operators, administrators, and team leaders.

    With this as background, IXL now actively provides the following services:


  • IXL Propane Services, operating from its current base of leased owner/operators and company drivers, provides refinery-to-distributor/commercial account services to accounts in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Product delivery includes Liquid Propane and Butane. We also handle propane container refinery-to-dock-to-refinery service.

  • IXL LNG Services offers year-round transportation of Liquid Natural Gas across the United States as supply and demand dictates.

  • IXL Butane Services offers the transportation of Butane Gas.

  • IXL Safety Solutions Services forms the basis of the company's involvement in allied Transportation Services including:

    • Log Audit Services

    • Truck Inspections

    • Education and Training Programs

    • Safety Compliance Review

    • Collision Analysis & Crash Reconstruction

    • Mechanical Inspections & Training

    • Expert Witness Services

    • Risk Management & Loss Prevention

    • Recommendations & Guided Implementation of Proven and Tested Solutions.

    These and future developments continually expand the reach of the IXL Transportation Services Team throughout the transportation industry.